The MOOSE project uses git for version control. The repository is hosted at
This should be your source for the latest version of the code.

Last check-in:

  • Moose-core  
     Mon Jan 30 10:03:00 2017 +0530
     Description:  solver's short form should also be taken
     Author:   HarshaRani
     Revision:   176a5f00ae68c9195381762d1fba248f8d6943e3
  • Moose-gui  
     Thu Jan 19 12:41:25 2017 +0530
     Description:  cleanup
     Author:   HarshaRani
     Revision:   2ba6bd5d8e6b022edf3f3aa1a567462ab7ddf6ed
  • Moose-examples 
     Fri Jan 27 14:13:01 2017 +0530
     Description:   This is removed b'cos Rdesignuer does the job
     Author:   HarshaRani
      Revision:   2c4fa33a29c2810e515c600f527a919202b7c1f5