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import sys
import os
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import moose
from ionchannel import create_1comp_neuron


[docs]def create_cell(): """Create a single-compartment Hodgking-Huxley neuron with a synaptic channel. This uses the :func:`ionchannel.create_1comp_neuron` function for model creation. Returns a dict containing the neuron, the synchan and the synhandler for accessing the synapse, """ neuron = create_1comp_neuron('/neuron') #: SynChan for post synaptic neuron synchan = moose.SynChan('/neuron/synchan') synchan.Gbar = 1e-8 synchan.tau1 = 2e-3 synchan.tau2 = 2e-3 msg = moose.connect(neuron, 'channel', synchan, 'channel') #: Create SynHandler to handle spike event input and set the #: activation input of synchan synhandler = moose.SimpleSynHandler('/neuron/synhandler') synhandler.synapse.num = 1 synhandler.synapse[0].delay = 5e-3 moose.connect(synhandler, 'activationOut', synchan, 'activation') return {'neuron': neuron, 'synchan': synchan, 'synhandler': synhandler}
[docs]def example(): """ The RandSpike class generates spike events from a Poisson process and sends out a trigger via its `spikeOut` message. It is very common to approximate the spiking in many neurons as a Poisson process, i.e., the probability of `k` spikes in any interval `t` is given by the Poisson distribution: exp(-ut)(ut)^k/k! for k = 0, 1, 2, ... u is the rate of spiking (the mean of the Poisson distribution). See `wikipedia <>`__ for details. Many cortical neuron types spontaneously fire action potentials. These are called ectopic spikes. In this example we simulate this with a RandSpike object with rate 10 spikes/s and send this to a single compartmental neuron via a synapse. In this model the synaptic conductance is set so high that each incoming spike evokes an action potential. """ ectopic = moose.RandSpike('ectopic_input') ectopic.rate = 10.0 cellmodel = create_cell() moose.connect(ectopic, 'spikeOut', cellmodel['synhandler'].synapse[0], 'addSpike') tab_vm = moose.Table('/Vm') moose.connect(tab_vm, 'requestOut', cellmodel['neuron'], 'getVm') moose.reinit() moose.start(SIMTIME) return tab_vm
[docs]def main(): """This is an example of simulating random events from a Poisson process and applying the event as spike input to a single-compartmental Hodgekin-Huxley type neuron model.""" tab_vm = example() ts = np.linspace(0, SIMTIME, len(tab_vm.vector)) plt.plot(ts, tab_vm.vector) plt.ylabel('Vm (Volt)') plt.xlabel('Time (s)')
if __name__ == '__main__': main() # # ends here