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# Created: Thu Mar  8 09:38:02 2012 (+0530)
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# 2012-03-08 12:31:46 (+0530) Initial version by Subha

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Example of using multithreading to run a MOOSE simulation in
parallel with querying MOOSE objects involved. See the documentatin
of the classes to get an idea of this demo's function.

import sys
import threading

# Python3 and python2.
    import queue
except ImportError as e:
    import Queue as queue

import time
from datetime import datetime
import moose

worker_queue = queue.Queue()
status_queue = queue.Queue()

[docs]class WorkerThread(threading.Thread): """This thread initializes the simulation (reinit) and then runs the simulation in its run method. It keeps querying moose for running status every second and returns when the simulation is over. It puts its name in the global worker_queue at the end to signal successful completion.""" def __init__(self, runtime): threading.Thread.__init__(self) self.runtime = runtime print(('Created WorkerThread of name',
[docs] def run(self): print((, 'Starting run for', self.runtime, ' seconds')) moose.reinit() moose.start(self.runtime) while moose.isRunning(): time.sleep(1.0) print((, 'Table length', len(moose.Table('/tab').vector))) print((, 'Finishing simulation')) worker_queue.put(
[docs]class StatusThread(threading.Thread): """This thread checks the status of the moose worker thread by checking the worker_queue for available entry. If there is nothing, it goes to sleep for a second and then prints current length of the table. If there is an entry, it puts its name in the status queue, which is used by the main thread to recognize successful completion.""" def __init__(self, tab): threading.Thread.__init__(self) self.table = tab print(('Created StatusThread of name',
[docs] def run(self): while True: try: value = worker_queue.get(False) print((, 'Received queue entry: ', value , '. Final table length:', len(self.table.vector) , ' ... now Finishing' )) status_queue.put( return except queue.Empty: time.sleep(1.0) print((, 'Queue is empty. Current table length:' , len(self.table.vector) ))
if __name__ == '__main__': pg = moose.PulseGen('pg') pg.firstDelay = 10.0 pg.firstLevel = 10.0 pg.firstWidth = 5.0 tab = moose.Table('tab') moose.connect(tab, 'requestOut', pg, 'getOutputValue') moose.setClock(0, 1.0) moose.useClock(0, 'pg,tab', 'process') t1 = WorkerThread(10000) t2 = StatusThread(tab) t2.start() t1.start() status_queue.get(True) tab.xplot('threading_demo.dat', 'pulsegen_output') print(('Ending threading_demo: final length of table', len(tab.vector))) # # ends here