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import sys
import os
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import moose
from ionchannel import create_1comp_neuron

[docs]def create_model(): """ Create two single compartmental neurons, neuron_A is the presynaptic neuron and neuron_B is the postsynaptic neuron. 1. The presynaptic cell's Vm is monitored by a SpikeGen object. Whenever the Vm crosses the threshold of the spikegen, it sends out a spike event message. 2. This is event message is received by a SynHandler, which passes the event as activation parameter to a SynChan object. 3. The SynChan, which is connected to the postsynaptic neuron as a channel, updates its conductance based on the activation parameter. 4. The change in conductance due to a spike may evoke an action potential in the post synaptic neuron. """ model = moose.Neutral('/model') nrn_a = create_1comp_neuron('/model/neuron_A')[0] nrn_b = create_1comp_neuron('/model/neuron_B')[0] #: SynChan for post synaptic neuron synchan = moose.SynChan('/model/neuron_B/synchan') synchan.Gbar = 1e-8 synchan.tau1 = 2e-3 synchan.tau2 = 2e-3 msg = moose.connect(nrn_b, 'channel', synchan, 'channel') #: Create SynHandler to handle spike event input and set the #: activation input of synchan synhandler = moose.SimpleSynHandler('/model/neuron_B/synhandler') synhandler.synapse.num = 1 synhandler.synapse[0].delay = 5e-3 moose.connect(synhandler, 'activationOut', synchan, 'activation') #: SpikeGen detects when presynaptic Vm crosses threshold and #: sends out a spike event spikegen = moose.SpikeGen('/model/neuron_A/spikegen') spikegen.threshold = 0.0 msg = moose.connect(nrn_a, 'VmOut', spikegen, 'Vm') msg = moose.connect(spikegen, 'spikeOut', synhandler.synapse[0], 'addSpike') return {'presynaptic': nrn_a, 'postsynaptic': nrn_b, 'spikegen': spikegen, 'synchan': synchan, 'synhandler': synhandler}
[docs]def setup_experiment(presynaptic, postsynaptic, synchan): """ Setup step current stimulation of presynaptic neuron. Also setup recording of pre and postsynaptic Vm, Gk of synchan. """ pulse = moose.PulseGen('/model/pulse') pulse.level[0] = 1e-9 pulse.delay[0] = 0.02 # disable the pulsegen pulse.width[0] = 40e-3 pulse.delay[1] = 1e9 moose.connect(pulse, 'output', presynaptic, 'injectMsg') data = moose.Neutral('/data') vm_a = moose.Table('/data/Vm_pre') moose.connect(vm_a, 'requestOut', presynaptic, 'getVm') vm_b = moose.Table('/data/Vm_post') moose.connect(vm_b, 'requestOut', postsynaptic, 'getVm') gksyn_b = moose.Table('/data/Gk_syn') moose.connect(gksyn_b, 'requestOut', synchan, 'getGk') pulsetable = moose.Table('/data/pulse') pulsetable.connect('requestOut', pulse, 'getOutputValue') return { 'stimulus': pulsetable, 'Vm_pre': vm_a, 'Vm_post': vm_b, 'Gk_syn': gksyn_b }
[docs]def main(): """ A demo to create a network of single compartmental neurons connected via alpha synapses. Here SynChan class is used to setup synaptic connection between two single-compartmental Hodgkin-Huxley type neurons. """ simtime = 0.1 simdt = 0.25e-5 plotdt = 0.25e-3 netinfo = create_model() expinfo = setup_experiment(netinfo['presynaptic'], netinfo['postsynaptic'], netinfo['synchan']) vm_a = expinfo['Vm_pre'] vm_b = expinfo['Vm_post'] gksyn_b = expinfo['Gk_syn'] for ii in range(10): moose.setClock(ii, simdt) moose.setClock(18, plotdt) moose.reinit() moose.start(simtime) plt.subplot(211) plt.plot(vm_a.vector*1e3, color='b', label='presynaptic Vm (mV)') plt.plot(vm_b.vector*1e3, color='g', label='postsynaptic Vm (mV)') plt.plot(expinfo['stimulus'].vector * 1e9, color='r', label='injected current (nA)') plt.legend() plt.subplot(212) plt.plot(expinfo['Gk_syn'].vector*1e9, color='orange', label='Gk_synapse (nS)') plt.legend() plt.tight_layout()
if __name__ == '__main__': main() # # ends here