class HDF5DataWriter

HDF5 file writer for saving field values from multiple objects. Connect the requestOut field of this object to the get{Fieldname} of other objects where fieldname is the target value field of type double. The HDF5DataWriter collects the current values of the fields in all the targets at each time step in a local buffer. When the buffer size exceeds flushLimit (default 4M), it will write the data into the HDF5 file specified in its filename field (default moose_output.h5). You can explicitly force writing by calling the flush function. The dataset location in the output file replicates the MOOSE element tree structure. Thus, if you record the Vm field from /model[0]/neuron[0]/soma[0], the dataset path will be `/model[0]/neuron[0]/soma[0]/vm NOTE: The output file remains open until this object is destroyed, or close() is called explicitly.


void (shared message field) Shared message to receive process and reinit


(destination message field) Assigns field value.


(destination message field) Requests field value. The requesting Element must provide a handler for the returned value.


(destination message field) Handle process calls. Gets data from connected fields into a local buffer and dumps them to filename if the buffer length exceeds flushLimit


(destination message field) Reinitialize the object. If the current file handle is valid, it tries to close that and open the file specified in current filename field.


PSt6vectorIdSaIdEE (source message field) Sends request for a field to target object


unsigned int (value field) Buffer size limit for flushing the data from memory to file. Default is 4M doubles.