class SpikeStats

Object to do some minimal stats on rate of a spike train. Derived from the Stats object and returns the same set of stats.Can take either predigested spike event input, or can handle a continuous sampling of membrane potential Vm and decide if a spike has occured based on a threshold.


(destination message field) Assigns field value.


(destination message field) Requests field value. The requesting Element must provide a handler for the returned value.


(destination message field) Handles spike event time input, converts into a rate to do stats upon.


(destination message field) Handles continuous voltage input, can be coming in much than update rate of the SpikeStats. Looks for transitions above threshold to register the arrival of a spike. Doesn't do another spike till Vm falls below threshold.


double (value field) Spiking threshold. If Vm crosses this going up then the SpikeStats object considers that a spike has happened and adds it to the stats.