News and Events

  • MOOSE version 4.0.0, Jalebi series

        A major under-the-hood change to numerics for chemical calculations, eliminating the use of 'zombie' objects for the solvers. Use pybind11 as a much cleaner way to interface the parser with the C++ numerical code, thread-safe and faster parser based on ExprTK, resurrected objects for handling simulation output saving using HDF5 format and enhancements to rdesigneur, including vastly improved 3-D graphics output using VPython.

  • We would like to announce CNS*2022 satellite tutorial. Please see the details here


  • We would like to announce CAMP@Bangalore 2022 from 23 July to 07 Aug 2022. Please see the course details at website
  • MOOSE has experimental support for parallel execution of biochemical reaction-diffusion systems.
  • MOOSE version 3.1.3, Chamcham series
  • Parallelization of Hsolve module in MOOSE Simulations based on Hodgkin-Huxley model have significant amount of computation which can be parallelized. To take advantage of this, we are currently offloading some of the computation on to GPU using Nividia's CUDA framework