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Name Role Contact
Upinder S. Bhalla Primary Architect bhalla at ncbs res in
Niraj Dudani Neuronal solver, documentation  
Subhasis Ray Python interface, documentation, Graphical User Interface for moose  
Aditya Gilra NeuroML support, documentation  
Aviral Goel Moogli, documenation, Graphical User Interface for moose  
HarshaRani.G.V Designing of Website,read and write support to SBML, documentation and Graphical User Interface for moose hrani at ncbs res in
Dilawar Singh Packaging, documentation dilawars at ncbs res in
Dharma Teja GPU parallelization using CUDA
Upinder Bhalla, Niraj Dudani, Subhasis Ray, Aditya Gilra,
Harsha Rani, Aviral Goel, Dilawar Singh, Malav Shah, Dhruva Gowda storz