Load - Run - Save models

How to run these examples

Load a Kinetic Model


This example illustrates loading, running, and saving a kinetic model defined in kkit format. It uses a default kkit model but you can specify another using the command line python loadKineticModel.py filepath runtime solver. We use default solver as gsl. The model already defines a couple of plots and sets the runtime 20 secs.

Load an SBML Model


This example illustrates loading, running of an SBML model defined in XML format. Default this file load's 00001-sbml-l3v1.xml which is taken from l3v1 SBML testcase. Plots are setup. Model is run for 20sec. As a general rule we created model under '/path/model' and plots under '/path/graphs'. If someone wants to load anyother file then

python loadSbmlmodel filepath runtime

Load a CSpace Model


This example illustrates loading and running, a kinetic model defined in cspace format. We use the gsl solver here. The model already defines a couple of plots and sets the runtime to 3000 seconds.

Save a model into SBML format


This example illustrates loading a kinetic model defined in Genesis format into Moose using loadModel function and using writeSBML function one can save the model into SBML format.

libsbml should be installed.

Save a model


The script demonstates to convert Chemical (Genesis) file back to Genesis file using moose